After the 7.8 Magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th, 2015 there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Nepal is safe for Tourism anymore? Many rumours have even been spread that the highways are not working, there is no electricity, the trekking routes have been damaged and the list goes on.

But the truth seems to be completely different. Here are some facts and figures which illustrate the true scenario of Nepal for tourism right now.

1. Out of the 75 Districts in Nepal, only 10 have been affected. Moreover, the east, mid – western and far – western regions considered to be hub for tourism in Nepal have not been affected at all.

2. Nepal consists of Eight world Heritage sites , only three of them have been damaged whereas others are still standing and are open now for tourists. The reconstruction process for the other three have also been initiated.

3. Love trekking?? Well, then you’ll be glad to know that only 2 out of the 35 trekking routes have been affected and others are still eager to challenge you for a trek.

4. Hotels, Hospitals, Airports and all other public services are fully operational.

5. The communication channels have been properly established and water and sanitation problems have been dealt with.

In short, Nepal is safe for expedition and is eager to welcome you for your trip there. ┬áSo If you’ re planning a trip to Nepal, you wont just witness the extravagant natural beauty but you will also be helping Nepal as its main source of income is tourism itself.



Thus, Visit Nepal to help Nepal !!