Whenever I ask tourists who have visited Nepal, “Which food did you like the most in Nepal?”

I get their response as, “Dal Bhat Tarkari. Nepali food is so good and tasty”. I feel so proud to hear their answer.

Here, I am listing other mouth-watering not to miss dishes in Nepal.

Dal Bhat Tarkari (Nepali Thali Set)

Samay Baji


Samay Baji is a very popular Newari dish. Baji means beaten rice in Newari. Samay baji comes as a set and is also popular as “Newari set” which contains baji, curry, fried soyabean, fresh pickle and if non veg then mutton/ chicken and egg (omlet or poach as per choice).

Dhindo Thali


Dhindo is a very famous dish especially in the Himalayan region where rice does not grow. Dhindo is cooked basically of flour maize (makai “मकै” in nepali) or millet (kodo “कोदो” in nepali). High in nutrition, this dish is tasty as well and the taste enhances when the food is eaten with various delicious nepali curry, pickle. It also tastes great with milk. Now, it is available in various restaurants of major cities as well. So, when you are in Nepal, you must not forget to eat Dhindo.

Gundruk Sandheko


Gundruk is a special Nepali food item prepared from Spinach. When Gundruk is mixed with onion, tomato, green chilies and a little amount of vinegar, it is what we call Gundruk Sandheko. Taste it yourself and tell us how it is.



Restaurants in Nepal offer delicious momo to its customers. Available with different stuffing, as per the choice of the clients; (chicken, buff, veg) momos are great in taste and surely a not to miss dish.

Sel Roti


Prepared from flour of rice, delicious sel roti are available in sweet shops especially. Great in taste, it is cooked by Nepalese in special occasions.

Pani puri


Mouth watering pani puri is a spicy dish. It’s exquisite taste makes you want to have it more and more.



Hot samosas are really tasty and as it is stuffed with potatoes, it is surely a not to miss for potato lovers.

Nepal has so much more to offer to taste lovers and a new taste for everyone.

Share with us in the comment box, the food you have tasted in Nepal and also tell us the dish you liked the most.