The Himalayan kingdom, Nepal is well-known among the people of the world for its natural beauty. People from different parts of the world visit Nepal to witness the mesmerizing views of nature. Apart from the gift of nature, the country of Himalayas is also known for the man-made things which have introduced the country as the country of hard working and skillful people. The archaeological monuments in the country which have been built during different times amaze people. The temples holding high religious values and other historical places attract many tourists. The capital of the country, Kathmandu has gained recognition as the city of temples.

Hundreds of temples Kathmandu have helped a lot in enhancing the beauty and religious value of the city. One of the most important temples of Kathmandu is the Pashupatinath Temple. In the Hindu culture, there is a belief that its one of the Char Dhams due to which pilgrims from India come to Nepal to pay a visit to Lord Shiva. In Nepal, Hindus burn the dead body of the people on the bank of Bagmati river which flows by the side of the temple. People believe that burning the dead body there frees the person from getting reincarnated and the soul goes to heaven.

Pashupati Nath Temple

Kathmandu is also famous for the Swayambhunath and the Boudhnath Stupas. Their design is simply amazing and they show richness of Nepalese in art. The view of Kathmandu city from the Swayambhunath Stupa is charismatic.

The visit to the city is incomplete without going to the Basantapur Durbar Square. The local market at the place has different attractions for tourists.

Other major attractions in Kathmandu are Ranipokhari temple and Dharahara. Ranipokhari temple was built by King Pratap Malla. Dharahara is also known as Bhimsen Stamba as it was made by Bhimsen Thapa, first prime minister of Nepal. Dharahara was brought down by the earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April, 2015. The government of Nepal is making construction plan to rebuild Dharahara.

Dharahara, Before and After Earthquake
Dharahara, Before and After Earthquake

Another tourist destination is Durbar Marg which has shops of various brands. The place is also famous for the Narayanhiti Palace Museum and the Garden of Dreams.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum
Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Kathmandu is a very beautiful city which is a perfect destination for tourists who are fond of historical monuments and who want to enjoy the city life in Nepal. Nevertheless, Kathmandu is one of the most beautiful cities of the world which has made its unique identity. People who have been here have always praised the beauty of the city and have said that they would again come to Nepal as it’s a wonderful country with glorious history, mesmerizing beauty and well-natured people.

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