Toady, with immense pleasure, I am sharing with you all what my friend Julia Hashimoto Schaff, from Germany, has written about her trip to Nepal. I met her at Dhading and it did not take long for us to be friends. I also taught her some Nepali words and Nepali counting up to fifteen. It was so much fun. Hope we meet again. 🙂

Julia writes as,

“I was fortunate enough to spend this summer traveling and volunteering in Nepal. I was conscious of the fact that my destination recently became a victim to Earthquakes, thinking I would have to spend each day stepping around reminders of the event. However what I found was quite the contrary to my expectation. Beginning with the warm-hearted welcome I received, it became clear to me throughout the trip that Nepal had made a proactive recovery after the natural disaster and there were no obstacles for me to experience the country to its fullest. The following weeks were indeed filled with appreciating Nepal’s unique culture, customs, cuisine and nature and I could not have asked for better. Ruins from the earthquake obviously still existed, but they were leftovers rather than hazards. The most indelible part of my trip was definitely the smiling and easy-going Nepalis who made us feel very taken care of. It is clear that I made the right decision to come to Nepal as I reminisce about my days there and the friends I had made, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering to do the same. After all, Nepal is safe and magnificent!”

Julia has also prepared a video regarding her visit to Dhading and Nuwakot. Click on image below to watch the video.



Basantapur Durbar Square

Sajju(me) and Julia
Julia, Brother from RBC and Sajju