We meet many people in our life and sometimes in the very first meeting, you become friends regardless of your age. And this is how I met Carol.

I was working at office when I got a call that there is a lady who wishes to go Everest Base Camp. I then went to find out who she was. I encountered a very charming lady who actually wanted to book the trip for her son. And then I asked her what would she be doing when her son would be in the mountains. She was reluctant to go to the Everest region thinking she would not be able to do it. I came up with an idea that she should join her son in the adventure and just walk till the point she finds it fine and then do some side trips and wait for her son at Monjo/ Phakding by going back. She thought for sometime over a cup of coffee.

Her answer was “Yes” finally. I quickly made arrangements for her trip. I met Axel too when he arrived Kathmandu. I wished them all the best for their trip. Selected young guide same age as Axel so that he has a good companion for his trek.


Axel with Guide Damodar at Everest Base Camp

Everything went perfectly as the mother and son enjoyed their trip. I was more than happy to see the pictures Carol updated on Facebook. I got some photos from her Facebook for this post.


Yak giving pose for Photo

I hope this post will inspire people who think they can’t do something but do not think about better ways of accomplishing their wishes. Like is too short for not doing the things we wish for thinking the right time is yet to come. DO remember one thing is life my friends, “The perfect time never ever comes”..