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Not to Miss Dishes in Nepal

Whenever I ask tourists who have visited Nepal, “Which food did you like the most in Nepal?” I get their response as, “Dal Bhat Tarkari. Nepali food is so good and tasty”. I feel so proud to hear their answer. Here, I am listing other mouth-watering not to miss dishes in Nepal. Dal Bhat Tarkari …



One of the greatest festivals of Nepalese, Dashain ( in Nepali, बडा दशैं) is also well known as Vijaya Dashami. It is the most awaited festival and is of great importance. To celebrate this majestic festival, Nepalese gather together and all the people who work far away from home also return to their homes. The …


Know the River Grades

Nepal is famous for its richness in water resources. Having about 6000 rivers, the country offers various water activities among which rafting is most chosen by people. But often people are in confusion about which river to choose. To make it easy, we here give information about the grades of the rivers. River grades have …